About Us

PT. TIGA TEKNOLOGI PERSADA, established in South Jakarta in 2019, is a company engaged in information technology which covers GPS Tracking Solution, IT Computer Products and Internet of Things.

PT. TIGA TEKNOLOGI PERSADA commits to be a one stop solution for our clients. Supported by competent human resources in their fields, we always uphold professionalism values and reliability as we strive to be a reliable partner to our clients by rendering the best service for a continuous and harmonious cooperation.

PT. TIGA TEKNOLOGI PERSADA prioritizes professionalism in building cooperation with various partners. We strive to create a harmonious working relationship by establishing an upstanding coordination between us and our clients. We are here to manifest the expectations of our clients through a mutually beneficial cooperation system.


Iwan Kristiawan

Notary Public:
Aditya Putra Patria

The Dec AH ision Letter of the Indonesian Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Number:
AHU 0038868 AH 01 01 (year) 2019

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